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Music recordings

Up to 24 tracks are possible at the same time.
The specially built acoustic elements of the room, together with a wide selection of microphones, guarantee a dry, natural and clean sound.

Music production

We produce music in all directions, no matter where you are. Trustworthy studio musicians are at your disposal, as well as a sample library of over 1000 GB and the most modern synthesizers.

Voice over recordings

Sound recordings for films, commercials, e-learnings, e-books, podcasts... as well as conversation recordings of any kind are possible. Our voice-over booth makes it possible to produce noise-free recordings.


Thanks to the Soundcraft Ghost 32 console, up to 32 tracks can be summed analogue. With the combination of vintage outboard effects and the latest plug-ins, the perfect mix can be created.


The mastering is done on the digital level, so the finest corrections can be made to create the perfect master. The tracks are then given an ISDN ID number and are ready for pressing and digital distribution.

Live Sound

We bring the hammer sound everywhere: Microphones, stands, mixer, PA, etc. so that you as the organiser don't have to worry about anything else audio-related.

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