MURDER | Hip-Hop/Trap Drums Sample Pack


The ultimate hip hop sample pack for producers

Hip-hop is without question one of the most important music genres today. As inevitable as it is, hip-hop also influences the sound of many other genres, such as pop or EDM. We carefully studied top hip-hop producers like 808 Mafia, Murda Beatz or Dr. DRE when creating this sample pack to ensure that each sound is as authentic as possible.

We have put together the ultimate sample pack for hip-hop producers. MURDER contains 140 sounds ranging from the classic Westcoast type to the modern trap sound known from MIGOS, Cardi B etc.. These sounds were created with the help of analogue synthesizers from Moog and sample-based sequencers from Roland.

So this sample pack contains everything you need to make the drums of your tracks sound fat.

Here are 3 loop examples from our MURDER Sample Pack