Music Production

Autotune Free Plugins

The 8 Best Free Autotune Plugins in 2023

You need an autotune plugin (pitch correction) but don't want to spend any money on it? No problem! Nowadays there are many free alternatives to the well-known Antares autotune that also offer extensive functions. In this article you will find the ...
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Roland TR-808

What are 808s? Meaning, history and production tips

808s have a long history in music, especially in hip-hop. In this article you'll learn all about the legendary Roland TR-808 and the development of this drum machine over the years.
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All about mastering in music production

What is mastering? Explanation, procedure and tips

In the world of music, mastering is the invisible hand that turns an almost finished song into a brilliant end product. It is the finishing touches, the fine-tuning, the painstaking work that holds the whole work together and ...
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Sample rate and bit depth explained simply

Sample Rate and Bit Depth in the Digital Audio World

In the world of digital music production, there are many technical aspects that are often taken for granted, but nevertheless have a decisive influence on the final product. Two of these often overlooked, yet critical elements are ...
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All about dithering in the digital audio world

All about dithering in the digital audio world

In the ever-advancing world of digital music production, it's all about achieving the best sound quality. One key aspect that is often overlooked is the role of dithering. In this article, we take a deep dive into ...
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Useful ChatGPT prompts for musicians and music producers

7 useful ChatGPT prompts for musicians and music producers

Technology is not a creativity killer, on the contrary, it provides tools that create new creative opportunities. Artificial intelligence has emerged on the scene and has frightened many because it disrupts the creative process and can change traditional creative methods.
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Adjusting the equaliser: This is how's done

Adjusting the equalizer for the perfect sound - here's how!

Equalisers are probably the most important devices in music production, as they are able to change audio signals to the exact frequency. However, they are also used in cinemas, hi-fi systems and cars to create an optimum sound image. ...
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Mix and mastering: we explain the difference

Mixing and mastering: what's the difference?

Mixing? Mastering? Is there even a difference? Many people, especially those just starting out in the world of audio engineering, ask themselves this question every day.
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Improve room acoustics in the studio

Acoustic treatment in the studio: The Ultimate Guide

Improving room acoustics - it doesn't have to cost a fortune! You can build your own absorbers and save around 70% of the costs. In this article, you'll find out step by step what you can do in every corner and ...
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Modern MIDI Setup

What is MIDI? An overview of one of the most important inventions in music history

The invention of MIDI has opened up many possibilities for producers and sound engineers. Without MIDI, amateur music production would not be possible and real instruments would still be needed for every song.
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Noise Gate: Everything you should know about it

Noise Gate: Explanation, Functionality and Use Cases

If you are a musician, producer or sound engineer, you have probably heard the term "noise gate" many times. But what exactly is such a device and how does it work? In this article, we take a closer look at ...
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High-pass filter from Fabfilter

High Pass Filter/Low Cut Filter: Explanation and Use

The low-cut filter, also known as the high-pass filter, is one of the most important tools for producers and sound engineers. It is used for both error correction and sound shaping and can be found in every hardware or plug-in EQ. In this article ...
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