The most popular synthesizer brands by country

We analyzed the Google searches for the 6 most popular synthesizer brands in 118 countries and evaluated the results. The findings are very interesting and show that people are generally interested in brands from their own country.

Data shows strong local popularity of brands

As we can see, there are two clear winners, Roland and Behringer.

Roland is especially popular in Japan, which is not surprising since the company is based there and enjoys a very good reputation. But the company is also very popular in Asia in general (at least in the countries where we could find any data at all), in Africa and in Canada.

The same goes for Behringer: the brand is especially popular in Germany. But the brand is also very popular in Southern and Eastern Europe!

However, the popularity of Behringer in Spanish-speaking countries is astonishing. The brand is the number one in Spain, but also in almost all of South America. It dominates in populous countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

Arturia is also the most popular brand in its home market of France. It is even searched for more than Behringer in Germany. The company is also very successful in the UK, where it dominates Google searches.

The synthesizer market in the USA - the world's largest economy and the most competitive market of all - is also dominated by one national brand: Moog. Although these synthesizers are quite expensive, they are the most popular in the USA.

It is also surprising that Moog is the most popular brand in Lithuania. There is an explanation for this: Clara Rockmore is the most famous theremin player in the world, and she comes from Lithuania and is very well known there. Moog is the biggest theremin manufacturer in the world, so people there are very interested in the brand.

Roland's global market dominance in absolute numbers

Looking at the sum of all searches from all countries, Roland is in first place with a total of 173,260 searches per month. This is not surprising as Roland (founded 1972) is the oldest company after Moog (founded 1951) and Korg (founded 1964). However, Roland's product range is considerably wider than that of Moog and Korg, and the prices of its synthesizers are generally lower than those of Moog.

Iconic models include drum machines such as the TR-808 or TR-909 or the Roland Juno 60, which now cost a small fortune.

Overall, Roland is ranked number 1 in 73 out of 118 countries.

Behringer follows in second place with 132,350 searches/month worldwide. Behringer has gained enormous popularity in the synthesizer segment in recent years, as they have released many new editions/clones of classic cult devices at extremely low prices. This is why the young company (founded in 1981) is so popular today compared to Roland and Moog.

Overall, Behringer is number 1 in 33 out of 118 countries.

Arturia is in third place with 100,660 searches per month. Founded in 1999, the French company is particularly popular today for its software synthesizers, which are significantly cheaper than their hardware competitors.

Overall, Arturia is ranked number 1 in 6 out of 118 countries.

Moog is in fourth place with 88,390 searches per month. Although this may not seem like much compared to Roland and Behringer, Moog still dominates the US market, which is the most important market of all. Moog's synthesizers are also significantly more expensive than those of the competition and therefore not affordable for as many people.

This makes Moog the most popular synthesiser brand in 3 out of 118 countries.

In fifth place is Korg (founded in 1964) with a total of 87,650 searches per month. According to our data, it should be 95,650, but the data from Sweden is misleading, as "Korg" means "basket" in Swedish and this search query is therefore much larger. We have therefore subtracted 7,000 searches/month to arrive at a more realistic figure.

Overall, Korg is number 1 in 3 countries (if you count Sweden, but we're a little unsure about that).

Oberheim is far behind the other brands with only 3,930 search queries/month and does not take first place in any country.

Brand Total search volume % of the total volume Number of countries in 1st place
Roland 173260 29.55% 73
Behringer 132350 22.58% 33
Arturia 100660 17.17% 6
Moog 88390 15.08% 3
Korg 87650 14.95% 3
Oberheim 3930 0.01% 0

You can view the complete data in a Google spreadsheet at this link. You can also download it directly as a .csv file using this link.

The data comes from Semrush, the world's most popular and reliable keyword tool. Semrush has the largest Google keyword database in the world and regularly updates the search volume.

If there are two brands with the same search volume in a country, we compared both brands in Google Trends and sorted them accordingly.

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