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The best German cities for musicians

Study: The best German cities for musicians

Which German city is the best place for musicians to live? We looked into this question and conducted a study of the 40 largest cities in Germany
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Ranked: Which electric guitars hold their value the best?

We analyzed the used prices of the 40 best-selling electric guitars and compared them to new prices. Here we show you which electric guitars are losing the most and the least value on the used guitar market.
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The most popular synthesizer brands by country

We have analysed the Google search queries of the 6 most popular synthesizer brands in 118 countries and evaluated the results. The results are very interesting and show above all that people are generally particularly interested in brands ...
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The best reverb pedals

The best reverb pedals for guitarists and producers

A reverb pedal can give the guitar incredible depth and enrich the sound enormously. Regardless of whether your amplifier already has a built-in reverb or not - with a pedal you can create completely new and wacky ...
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The best chorus pedals

The 8 best chorus pedals for guitarists and producers

Chorus pedals were particularly popular in the 80s and legends like Kurt Kobain or John Frusciante made them even more popular in the 90s. Today they are still very popular, both in studios and ...
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The best distortion pedals

The best distortion/overdrive pedals for electric guitar

Today, distortion pedals are more popular than ever - in the digital age, where many guitarists play without amplifiers or with transistor amps, distortion pedals are often used to play heavier music.
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The best laptops for music production

The 12 best laptops for music production

For a long time, it was thought that you absolutely had to have an Apple laptop to produce music on the go - this is no longer the case. Even though Apple still produces incredibly good and powerful laptops, ...
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The best delay pedals

The best delay pedals in 2024

Delay pedals are some of guitarists' favorite pedals-they add depth and atmosphere to a sound that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Here are the best models available today.
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The best karaoke microphones for children

The best karaoke microphones for kids

Your child can discover the fascinating world of language with their own microphone. They can sing along to the most beautiful children's songs as well as current hits, develop their own voice and gain their first insights into foreign languages. Children's microphones are more ...
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Best electric guitars: A detailed comparison

The 13 best electric guitars in 2024

Choosing an electric guitar can be difficult with so many models available on the market. In this article, I compare the best models in history and always give you an affordable alternative to help you make the right ...
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Best Dynamic Microphones in 2022

Dynamic microphones: Explanation, how they work, and the 11 best models

Dynamic microphones are often used live and in the studio for loud instruments. They are usually cheaper than condenser microphones and pick up less ambient noise. If you want to know which models are currently the best, ...
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The 5 best rap microphones

The 8 best microphones for rappers in 2024

When you're recording your bars for the world to hear, you need a proper microphone to record your rap vocals. So you're probably looking for the best microphone for your application.
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