Free Beats from CR Beats

Free Rap Beats: Licensing Info

Here you can download almost all of our premium beats as a free version. The only difference is that the producer tag stays in.

The Free Beats are designed for recording demo tracks or writing your lyrics. You can even record your song in the studio. But if you want to publish your song, you have to buy a licence afterwards.

To download the free beats, click on the down arrow next to each free beat, enter your name and email address and you'll get the beat sent directly to your inbox.


Frequently asked questions about free beats

You can start by recording your song normally with the free beats. You can then share this song with your friends, upload it to Soundcloud (with proper credit - prod. by CR Beats) or send it to a label as a demo track.

You are not allowed to upload the song to Youtube or any other music streaming platform. If you do, you will get a copyright warning from the platform and the song will be automatically removed unless you have purchased a licence and can show it.

The song may not be used commercially in any way without a licence. The cheapest licences start at $29.95.