Analysis: The most popular song lyrics worldwide

What are the most searched for song lyrics in the world? We have done extensive research to find out which song lyrics are being searched for the most on Google.

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For many people, lyrics are the heart of a song. They convey a message and express emotions and feelings that the listener can often relate to.

Many people search for song lyrics when they like a song, either to sing along or to analyze the content in more detail. In this analysis, we looked at which lyrics are googled the most to find out which lyrics have the most influence on us.

The results are very interesting: it's not always the most popular songs of the moment that end up at the top - otherwise Taylor Swift would be at the top worldwide. It's rather songs from the past that have been particularly popular for decades and are considered legendary.

Songs by local artists are often #1 in the country

This is especially evident in countries like the USA, where Eminem's "Rap God" is topping the charts. You could say that this song has the most impressive lyrics in the entire hip-hop genre, as Eminem raps at an incredible speed while still being able to understand almost all of the words. No wonder this song took the top spot.

The song holds the record for most words in a hit single with 1560 words in the song and a maximum speed of 6.46 words per second.

In many other countries too, artists from their own country top the charts: The Pogues in the UK, The Cranberries in Ireland, Peso Pluma in Mexico, Anuv Jain in India, and so on.

It also has to be said that English songs are the most popular, even in countries like Germany or France where English is not the official language. But that's simply because English music is the most popular worldwide, and many people in those countries look for the lyrics to understand them.

Eminem occupies the most number 1 spots

Eminem ranks first among all artists in most countries. As one of the most successful rappers of all time (if not the most successful), this is not surprising because in hip-hop, the lyrics are the absolute center of every song.

But over the course of his career, Eminem has taken lyrical artistry to a whole new level with songs like "Mockingbird", "Lose Yourself", and "Rap God". He has proven himself to be one of the finest poets of our time, which is why his lyrics are in such demand around the world.

It is not only number 1 in the USA, but also in countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Pakistan, Oman, Hungary, Morocco, Tunisia and Ethiopia.

The most searched song lyrics worldwide in absolute numbers

If you look at the absolute numbers, Eminem takes three of the top ten spots, but the absolute number one is "Creep" by Radiohead. This 1992 hit is still one of the most successful alternative rock songs in the world and by far the band's most successful song. The theme of obsessive love naturally appeals to many people.

The next three places go to Eminem with the songs "Mockingbird", "Rap God" and "Love Yourself". All three songs have very emotional and incredibly well written lyrics. Taylor Swift comes in at #5 with "All Too Well," which is not surprising since she is currently the most successful female singer in the world.

The next three places are taken by hits from the populous countries of India and the Philippines: "Husn", "Bagsakan" and "Uhaw". Although these songs are not well known worldwide, they are very popular in their respective countries. Accordingly, they are often searched for there.

In 9th place is "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran, also one of the most popular songs of the last decade. "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers is 10th.

The most searched lyrics in Spain

Spain's ranking is particularly interesting. The anthem of the Real Madrid football club is in first place. It is always said that Spain is a very football-mad nation - as a Spaniard I can confirm this - but this ranking proves it once again!

Real Madrid is one of the most popular and recognisable football teams in the world, and Spain is no different. As a result, many fans are looking for the anthem to sing along to in the stadium or on the streets.

The most searched lyrics in the USA

The most searched lyrics in the UK

The most searched lyrics in Germany

The data comes from Semrush, the world's most popular and reliable keyword tool. Semrush has the largest Google keyword database in the world and regularly updates its search volume data.

This tool was used to identify and compare the highest volume Google searches ("song + lyrics" + various variations such as "artist" + "song" + "lyrics" and the respective translations in each language) in each country.

The searches were then entered into Google's Keyword Planner tool to check search volume. This is Google's official tool for determining search volume.

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