Tonstudio Aachen - Services - Voice recordings

Image films, commercials, ADR, explanatory videos... and everything else audio-related

We produce your voice recording. If you wish, we can also cut and edit the voice recordings. We produce radio spots, audio books, audio guides, corporate films and much more. We dub films, master audio CDs, radio play recordings, live radio broadcasts, external transmissions and ISDN connections via MusicTaxi or APT (APTX).

The perfect video also needs the perfect sound: this includes first of all the right music, which should arouse the desired emotions in the viewers. But of course, the voice that conveys the message is also very important. That's why the choice of narrator is crucial.

For such voice recordings, it is very important to have a very clean, natural and noise-free acoustic environment. Our voiceover booth is exactly suited for this.

Customers can be present at the voiceover recording at any time via phone, internet (also with picture) or in the studio. Through SessionLink Pro, we can connect and record to thousands of studios worldwide, making productions in all languages possible.

Speaker online or on site?

Both. If the speaker lives in our area (Aachen) or has the possibility to travel, we prefer to do the recording in person in our studios. We control the project and ensure the quality. If this is not the case, we use our network of online speakers whose performance has been tested and guaranteed for voice recordings in the recording studio.

Post-production (editing, tracking, equalisation) is always done in our studios. Online voice-over is a growing phenomenon, giving access to thousands of voice-over artists from all over the world. But not all of them are recognised professionals, and the quality of their recordings is not always acceptable either.

We only work with professionals who speak the respective language as their mother tongue and are able to deliver high-quality voice-overs. And of course, we oversee the entire recording process.

Voice recording services:

  • On-hold messages, answering machine messages, telephone announcements, etc.
  • Commercials on television
  • Radio commercials
  • Professional, institutional or commercial voice-over
  • Voices for videos
  • Radio spots
  • Corporate radio
  • Videos for companies and institutions
  • Audio guides for museums
  • Narratives
  • Synchronisation for films
  • Commercials
  • Video games
  • Voice-over for events
  • Synchronisation
  • Explainer videos
  • Image films

Speakers in all languages for your project: English speakers, Latin speakers, Arabic speakers, French speakers and more than 8 languages. We will find the right speaker for your project!