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The recording studio in Aachen for recording and music production of all kind!

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No. 1 recording studio in Aachen for recording, mixing and mastering

For bands or solo artists, professionals or amateurs - the Wood and Fire recording studio Aachen offers high-end audio of the finest quality. Drums, vocals, guitars, strings... every possible instrument can be recorded here.

Recording studio Aachen: Voice-over recordings

Wood and Fire Tonstudio Aachen is your contact for music recordings, TV and film mixing, radio commercials, e-learning, sound design, loudness mixing and audio book recordings. From the Voice recording über Werbespots bis zum Hörbuch – wir bringen dein Audio-Projekt zum Klingen. Unser Tonstudio in NRW is spezialisiert auf Hörfunkbeiträge und Filmton.

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Music recordings

Up to 24 tracks are currently possible at the same time. The room's specially built acoustic elements, together with a wide selection of microphones, guarantee a dry, natural and clean sound.

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32 analogue and an infinite number of digital channels are available for the mixdown. The use of high-end outboard equipment in combination with the latest plug-ins delivers a warm, wide and three-dimensional sound.

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We master your songs! Our online mastering service allows us to master tracks from all over the world within a very short time. We use both analogue and digital audio processing to do this

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The Wood and Fire recording studio and music studio in Aachen delivers high-end sound. We are specialized in amateur and professional productions. Our recording studio in Aachen offers various packages: from the idea to the finished product. Due to our selection of high-quality microphones, which have been used in the best recording studios worldwide for decades, we only produce high-quality tracks.

One of the leading recording studios in Aachen

Our recording studio in Aachen is your one-stop-shop for all your professional recording & musical needs. We offer an individual working environment that allows artists and bands to concentrate on their creative and artistic processes. Our recording and monitoring rooms are designed to achieve the most precise acoustics and wounds possible. The studio has an impressive collection of high-end equipment.

Our recording studio and music studio Aachen is a true full-service recording and production facility. We do our best to provide our customers with an exceptional experience.

Microphone in the recording studio Aachen
Recording Studio Aachen - Neumann U87

Sprachaufnahmen im Tonstudio NRW

Whether for commercials, explanatory videos, ADR, audiobooks, audio plays, e-learnings, documentaries, computer games or audio guides.
We are the right partner to shape your production according to your needs. Our Neumann U87Ai, the industry standard for voice recording, delivers exactly the sound everyone wants.
Our perfectly optimized acoustics in our recording studio in Aachen guarantee the best possible quality of the voice recordings.


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