Thomann Cyberweek: Save up to 60% on music equipment

One week before the actual Black Friday, Europe's largest music retailer Thomann launches Cyberweek. This week you can find great offers in all categories and discounts up to 60%. We have selected the best deals and summarized them here.
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If you're looking to bring your studio up to date, there's no better time than now, as Thomann is currently offering huge discounts. Products from all categories are on sale this week for less or, in some cases, come with great freebies. Software such as DAWs or plugins can be purchased at particularly low prices this week.

There's probably something for you. To make it easier for you to browse, we have selected the best offers from the Studio & Recording, Instruments & Amps, and Software categories.

You can find all the offers for this Cyberweek at Thomann here.

Studio & Recording Equipment

Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen

This week, when you buy a Focusrite Scarlett Solo from Thomann, you'll also get the IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 SE, a professional mixing and mastering suite that includes 10 high-quality effects such as a 76 compressor and tape echo.

The Focusrite Scarlett series is the world's best-selling audio interface, simply because it offers the best possible combination of quality and price. The interface is robust, the preamps sound great, and the price is unbeatable.

Rode NT1-A

This week, when you buy a Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording Set, you'll get two great things for free: Celemony Melodyne 5 essential, one of the best pitch-correction programs around, and 6 weeks of access to MyGroove, an app that lets you play your instrument in a virtual band with world-famous artists.

Melodyne is perfect for correcting the pitch of vocals without producing the typical synthetic sound of Auto-Tune. The result sounds much more natural and the listener should not even notice that the pitch has been corrected.

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2

This MIDI keyboard from Native Instruments is one of the best on the market, especially if you work a lot with Native Instruments plugins. The Komplete Kontrol S88 offers seamless integration, so you hardly ever need to access your computer to change plugins, presets or settings.

Normally priced at €799, this keyboard is available this week for €749.

Swissonic V8

These active studio monitors from Thomann's own brand sound surprisingly good for the price. For €300/pair, the Swissonic V8s deliver a rich, full and detailed sound that is well suited for mixing and mastering.

With a frequency response of 33 - 25,000 Hz, these monitors cover almost the entire audible spectrum, and the Air Motion Transformer tweeter delivers very precise and crystal-clear highs. Highly recommended for producers who don't want to spend a lot of money on studio monitors.

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Instruments & Amps

Neural DSP Quad Cortex

When you buy a Neural DSP Quad Cortex, one of the best amp simulation pedals available, you get a matching high-quality gig case for free. This pedal sounds extremely realistic and is suitable for both gigging and studio recording, because the sound is simply brilliant.

If you are a guitarist and value portability, the Neural DSP Quad Cortex is worth considering.

Martin Guitars GPC-10E Roadseries Special

This week you can save a whopping 23% when you buy this beautiful acoustic guitar with pickup from Martin Guitars. It is made from high quality wood and offers a relatively affordable entry into the world of Martin Guitars, a brand that is normally much more expensive.

The pickup system with Fishman MX-T preamp provides plenty of volume in all situations, and the sound is well balanced and brilliant.

Gewa G9 Club 6 E-Drum Set

If you're a drummer looking for a professional E-Drumset, you can save big this week with the Gewa G9 Club 6 electric drum set. Normally it costs €4,495, but this week it's 22% off and only costs €3,498.

This electronic drum kit is very realistic in both appearance and playability. The lacquered wooden shells make the e-drum kit look like a real drum kit, no one would notice the difference on stage.

The high quality drum module with 10″ touch screen is really great and the selection of sounds is huge. Each sound is sampled in great detail at different volumes and you can adjust all sorts of things to make it sound like a real drum kit.

Gibson Les Paul Slash Standard AA

Attention rockers! With this Gibson Les Paul Slash Edition you can save 12% (€398) this Cyberweek. The body and neck are made of Magahoni, the fretboard is made of rosewood, which gives the guitar a high quality.

The sound is, as you would expect from a Gibson Les Paul, extremely powerful and rich in overtones, making this guitar perfect for rock, hard rock or metal. The guitar comes with a case, a set of accessories and a set of slash picks.

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Software Deals

Ableton Live 11 Suite

This week you can get the best DAW (in my opinion) with 20% off! Ableton Live 11 Suite is normally $599, but this week it's only $479.

With this DAW, you can do anything you want: multitrack recording, song production, mixing, mastering... All at a professional level and with one of the best workflows in the music industry.

So if you need a professional DAW, I wouldn't think twice about going with Ableton!

Antares Auto-Tune Access

Auto-Tune Access, the entry-level product from Antares, is available for half price this week (24.50€ instead of 49€). Few plugins are as well known as Auto-Tune, and with Auto-Tune Access you get exactly that sound.

With this plugin you can automatically correct the pitch in a very simple way. All you have to do is select the key and the plugin does the rest automatically. There are two other parameters for fine tuning: Humanize (so that the voice doesn't sound so robotic) and Retune Speed (to determine the speed of the pitch correction).

Arturia V Collection 9

Arturia is known for producing some of the best synthesizer software simulations on the market. With V Collection 9 you get the complete collection of 33 legendary instruments and synthesizers - and this week for less than half the price!

Included are simulations of legendary synthesizers such as the Roland Juno 106, Roland Jupiter 8, and Sequential Prophet 5. The simulations sound very realistic and all parameters can be edited individually. There are also many presets for each instrument.

So if you produce a lot of music, regardless of genre, Arturia V Collection 9 is definitely worth considering.

iZotope Ozone 11 Standard

Ozone 11 from iZotope is considered by many engineers to be the best mastering suite around. It has everything you need to master songs professionally from start to finish, and this week you can get it for €64 off.

You can use iZotope as standalone software or use instances of it as plugins in your DAW - both work very well. There's also an AI wizard that gives you ideas on what you can do to make your song sound better.

I have worked a lot with iZotope Ozone and can confirm that all the tools are incredibly good and transparent and you can work very precisely with them (most of the tools work in 0.1 dB steps). So if you do a lot of mastering, iZotope should be one of your tools of choice.

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