Music Theory

Minor chords simply explained

Recognizing, forming and using minor chords

Minor chords characterise our musical world in an incomparable way. Their melancholic and emotional timbres form the core of many of our favourite melodies and songs. In this article, we explore what minor chords are, how they are formed and, most importantly ...
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The circle of fifths simply explained

Circle of Fifths: Explanation, Application and Mnemonics

As a musician, you've probably heard of the circle of fifths - it's a very useful tool for composing and reading music. In this article you will learn all about the circle of fifths: what it is, how it works ...
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Tritone, the devil's interval

Tritone: What is it? And what makes the devil's interval so special?

The tritone, a musical interval that evokes both terror and admiration, has the potential to fascinate, confuse and inspire. Once branded the "diabolus in musica" or "devil's interval", the tritone has a long ...
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Reading sheet music: A simple guide

Reading sheet music: A comprehensive beginner's guide

Being able to read music is not absolutely necessary to be successful as a musician or producer, there are enough examples of this in history. But it is very helpful and will help you as a musician and ...
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Pentatonic: Explanation, history and use of the pentatonic scale

The pentatonic scale is a fascinating phenomenon in the world of music that is as old as music itself and is present all over the world. It consists of five notes per octave ...
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The musical cadence simply explained

Harmony for Producers: The Musical Cadence

Everyone has probably experienced or seen it before: 5 musicians on stage for a jam session who have never met before. Only the key for the jam is set ...
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Chords: Basics and Elementary Concepts

Learning chords: Basics of chord formation and composition

Music is an art that has the power to inspire, uplift and heal. Learning to play chords can be a fun and rewarding experience, whether you're an aspiring musician or simply ...
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The major and minor keys, arranged in the circle of fifths

All about keys signatures and accidentals in music

If you've always wondered what keys and harmonies are and how to recognise and use them to compose or play with other musicians, then this article is for you.
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Musical syncope

Musical syncopation easily explained

You've probably heard the term "syncopation" before - perhaps from a band mate who knows a thing or two about music theory, or from a producer trying to explain their ideas. However, the term is not always ...
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Treble clef (G clef)

Treble clef (G clef) guide: Everything you need to know

The treble clef is the best known and most commonly used clef. In this post, I explain everything you need to know about it and give you a few tricks on how to memorise the notes.
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Musical signs and symbols

60 musical symbols and signs that everyone should know

Musical symbols enable us humans to interpret and write down music. They form the "language" of music. Although nowadays it is no longer necessary to be able to read music in order to produce music, it can ...
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All about major scale

The 12 major scales easily explained

The major keys are the most commonly used keys in all music. It is very important to know and master them when composing music. In this article today we will talk about the 12 ...
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