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Best MIDI Keyboard Controller 2023

The 9 best MIDI keyboards in 2024

Are you looking for your next MIDI keyboard? In this post, I compare my 9 favorites and explain everything you need to consider when choosing.
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Condenser microphones in the studio

What is a condenser microphone? Explanation, uses, advantages and disadvantages

Condenser microphones are probably the most popular studio microphones for recording, and for good reason. Compared to dynamic microphones, they sound very balanced and rich in detail. In this article, you will learn all about this type of microphone.
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A vintage tube microphone in the studio

Tube microphones: history, legendary models and buying advice

Hardly any other type of microphone is as popular for recording vocals in the studio as the tube microphone - after all, they are regularly used by major artists in the studio. Today we take a closer look at tube microphones.
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The best drum sets and e-drums for kids

The 11 best drum sets and e-drums for kids

If a child wants to learn to play the drums, nothing should stand in the way, even at a young age - after all, there are many drums that have been specially developed for children. In this article, we present the ...
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A concert balalaika

Balalaika: History, Variations and Use

As probably the best-known Russian instrument, the balalaika has become a symbol of the musical creativity of Russian folk music. Today, we're getting to the bottom of the roots of the balalaika and looking at its history ...
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How to create the perfect vocal chain (+ 3 examples from well-known artists)

Well-known producers are often asked about their vocal chains - this topic seems to fascinate many. No wonder, because a song can hardly be successful without perfectly mixed vocals.
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The tempo in music

The musical tempo - all about BPMs and tempo indications

Along with time and beat, tempo is one of the most important rhythmic concepts in music. Here you will find all the music theory basics about tempo.
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Instructions for setting up a drum kit

How to setup your drum set: beginner's guide (with photos)

Finding the perfect setup for your drums is a never-ending process that constantly changes depending on the equipment, requirements, room and performance. Here you will learn step by step how to set up your drums perfectly.
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The best free DAWs

The 10 best free DAWs

If you're just starting out in music production, you probably don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a DAW right away. That's why we've put together a list of the best free DAWs for beginners.
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Thomann Cyber Week - the best offers for studio, recording, instruments and software

Thomann Cyberweek: Save up to 60% on music equipment

One week before the actual Black Friday, Europe's largest music retailer Thomann is launching Cyberweek. This week there are great offers in all categories and discounts of up to 60%. We have the best deals ...
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Best Studio Monitors in 2023

Test: The 10 best studio monitors

Do you want to know what makes a good monitor for your studio and what you should look out for when buying one? Then read on to find out everything you need to know about the best studio monitors.
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The 4 most important directional characteristics

7 Microphone polar patterns easily explained

Every microphone has a directional characteristic that is shown in a diagram. But do you know how to read such a diagram and what it means for you as a producer/sound engineer? In this article you will learn everything ...
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