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Record a podcast - it's that easy!

How to record a podcast - beginner's guide

Recording a podcast is now easier than ever - in principle, all you need is a microphone and a computer. Ideally, you also need a room that can dampen the sound with carpets and absorbers. Read on and ...
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Melody simply explained

What is a melody? Explanation, examples and composition tips

When we think of a song that we particularly like, the first thing that comes to mind is the melody. After all, it is the main element of the song and makes it unmistakable - you could also say ...
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Different rhythms in one song

Rhythm (music) - all about time, meter and tempo

Rhythm is the centrepiece of every piece of music, the thing that makes us dance and sets our bodies in motion. From the regular beats of a march to the complex, irregular patterns of jazz and ...
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Note values easily explained: an overview

The magic of music lies in its ability to convey emotions and images through sound. Behind this art, however, lies a complex language of notes, beats and rhythms. A key to understanding this language ...
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The best PCs and Macs for music production

The 12 best desktop PCs for music production (Windows and Mac)

Are you looking for a PC or Mac for music production? I know how hard that is! There are so many different models, brands and specifications on the market that it's not easy to decide. But none ...
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What are scales?

Musical scales: structure, mode, uses and audio examples

Scales are one of the basics of music theory, they enable us to interpret pieces of music correctly and open up many possibilities when composing. Those who have mastered the scales will never run out of musical ideas. Read on ...
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Bars and time signatures explained simply

The time signature: understanding beat & rhythm

Bars and time signatures structure the rhythm of a song and help divide the whole song into small parts. Read on to learn more.
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The 12 best keyboards for beginners

The 12 best keyboards for beginners

If you are just starting to play the piano, choosing your first keyboard can be a little daunting. With so many different models, keyboards, and sounds, it is important to research all the features before spending money.
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Counterpoint in music simply explained

Counterpoint (Music Theory): Definition, Classification and Use

Counterpoint is one of those musical techniques that can take your own compositions to a new level if you know how to use it properly. Read on to learn more.
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Bass clef simply explained

Bass clef (F clef): Explanation, notes and instruments

Not every musician has to deal with the bass clef - only those who play low instruments such as double bass or cello, and of course pianists. If this applies to you, then this article is just the thing to ...
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Triplet simply explained

The triplet explained in simple terms

Have you ever seen a 3 on a sheet of music? That's the sign for triplets, a special rhythmic unit in music. Read on to learn all about it.
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Vocoders: Functionality, use and best models

Vocoders: Functionality, history and best models

They sound like music from a futuristic world, transforming human voices into mechanical sounds and creating the unmistakable effect of a "talking synthesiser". Originally conceived as a military tool, vocoders have conquered the music industry and are now a common ...
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