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Mastering is the last step an album goes through before it goes into production. It is the last chance for an artist or a producer to make their music sound as good as possible, making it more competitive on the national and international market - as well as reinforcing the artistic message so that the album will stand the test of time.

Therefore, it is especially important to choose the right mastering studio for this process, which has the right tools and know-how for mastering, as well as perfectly optimized acoustics. You can be sure that Wood and Fire, as one of the best mastering studios in Germany, meets all these conditions.

Our mastering studio in Aachen has excellent monitoring facilities that allow for refined mastering down to the finest detail. A combination of analogue audio equipment and the best plug-ins in the music industry make our mastering studio one of the first ports of call for artists from all over Germany.

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Mastering Studio Pricing

1 Song

Stereo Mastering
  • Up to 4 minutes
  • Mastered by professional and trained mastering engineers
  • Mastering in a high-quality and fully equipped recording studio
  • Analogue and digital mastering

from 3 songs

Stereo Mastering
  • Up to 4 minutes
  • Mastered by professional and trained mastering engineers
  • Mastering in a high-quality and fully equipped recording studio
  • Analogue and digital mastering

from 8 songs

Stereo Mastering
  • Up to 4 minutes
  • Mastered by professional and trained mastering engineers
  • Mastering in a high-quality and fully equipped recording studio
  • Analogue and digital mastering

Why should you choose Wood and Fire Mastering Studio?


Numerous artists have relied on our mastering studio to complete their projects. The final sound of their work positions them in the marketplace; it is crucial to the impact of their product. Without a doubt, they need a first-class service, which they get at Wood and Fire Mastering Studio.


We understand mastering as the element that not only completes a process but also brings together the identity of a project. Our commitment is to technically translate the artistic message that the producer or artist wants to convey to their audience. Our mastering studio is at the service of art.


We are permanently committed to technology and innovation. We aim to provide a convenient service with the highest quality sound. At Wood and Fire Mastering Studio we keep up to date with technological advances, techniques, plug-ins and hardware.


Music is our profession, our passion and our challenge. Every detail interests and excites us. The goal of our mastering studio is to offer music in unlimited sound quality, to edit it with love and to give the best of ourselves.

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Professional mastering studio with years of experience

Mastering is the final process of music production. Mastering is one of the three basic processes in the post-production phase, along with editing and mixing.

When it comes to producing music, there are two paths you can take. While both start with investing weeks, months or years (and money) into quality work in recording studios, they differ when it comes to choosing a mastering studio.

The first way seems tempting at first glance. Here you choose a cheap mastering studio. You might just see mastering as something you have to do at the last minute to find mistakes and make small, non-essential adjustments. However, you will soon realise that this path is not as smooth as it seemed when you have to compete with thousands of other artists.

Mastering Studio Wood and Fire in Aachen

Of course, few artists choose this path because they want to. Maybe it's because they don't know what mastering with an experienced sound engineer can be achieved. As a result, their albums lack that certain something to stand out in the market and are less likely to excite fans. Not only will the music not get as much attention as it could in the short term... but also in the long term, as fans will quickly forget about your album if the quality is not "up to scratch".

Contrast this with the second, less travelled path on which the "golden sound" of a professional mastering studio rests. Instead of being seen as a rearguard, mastering receives more respect and attention. Here, artists are actively involved in finding out what can be achieved. They work hand in hand with an experienced mastering engineer and describe exactly their idea of how it should sound.

The engineer then gives feedback (based on years of experience) and adds the "final artwork" in his mastering studio that highlights the awesomeness of your music so that it will be heard in your fans' players for years to come.

Simply put, this is the way to go. If you want your music to be remembered by your fans for a long time, you should not compromise on mastering.

Frequently asked questions to our mastering studio

We get asked questions all the time in our mastering studio, so we recommend meeting the following requirements to get the best sound possible. Don't forget this:

  • The format of the files to be delivered must be WAV or AIFF.
  • Resolution of 24 bits (at least 16 bits are recommended).
  • Sampling frequency of 96 Khz (recommended minimum 48 Khz).
  • -18 LUFS INT: average integrated loudness (or K20 dB RMS).
  • Signal peaks at about -6 dB TP. The signal must not be normalised.
  • Do not use limiters or multiband compressors on the project master bus.

We recommend naming each audio file with the following attributes: Track number (order on the record), full name of the band/artist, name of the song, name of the record, year].

This is not urgently necessary, but it makes the work easier.

The signal can only be slightly compressed if this is essential for the artistic result of your music. We recommend a maximum compression of 2 dB. If that´s not the case, we recommend that you do not do this.

Do not use multiband compressors on the master bus of the project.

A classic, frequently asked question with a simple answer: No, under no circumstances. This decision should always be made by the mastering studio.
We recommend using K20 meters to have an average dynamic range between -22 dB and -18 dB RMS in your mix.

If you are familiar with the LUFS system, the ideal mix value would be -18 LUFS int (average integrated loudness).

We know that our work is the last link in a complex chain, so we offer free advice to all artists and producers who need it. There are technical problems that cannot be solved in the mastering phase, but can be solved in the mixing phase. The better your music comes into our mastering studio, the better it will come out of the studio.

We always deliver the audio files in WAV format, stereo, 96 Khz and 24 bit resolution, already optimised for digital release on one of the pre-agreed music distribution platforms. If you want the audio data in another format, you should mention this beforehand to avoid additional work and costs.
Please note that in the case of a physical data carrier (CD or DVD), there are additional costs for the creation and shipping by post, which are to be borne by the customer. If you collect it from the studio, only the creation of the CD will be charged.

We normally complete the work within 48 hours of receiving all the material. If you need to revise the work or live in another country with a different time zone, the delivery time may be longer, but we are known for being a very fast and efficient mastering studio.

In principle, yes. The format will be compatible with every music distribution platform on the market (iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, SoundCloud, etc.). However, each platform has arbitrarily different guidelines for normalising audio signals, so we offer a separate master for each of these systems. This work is free of charge up to 4 platforms.

It's a good idea to send us an audio reference so we know what sound you have in mind and what volume you want to achieve.

We welcome all ideas and suggestions to help us tackle your musical project when mastering your tracks.