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Record a song in the Wood and Fire studio

Record your own song in the studio

If you're composing songs and looking for someone to record them professionally, you've come to the right place. We are a recording studio made up of producers, musicians and technical staff with years of experience, adapting to the needs of your music project.

You want to record your music?

Then just come and visit us! Our studio offers everything you need to produce your song: Recording, mixing and Mastering. Our wide selection of microphones and our excellent acoustics guarantee the best possible results.

You want to record your own song?

Then you've come to the right place. Come along and record your song with the best microphones in the world! Our experienced sound engineer, can also give you tips on how to get the best out of your voice!

Record a song in the Wood and Fire studio

Record a Song - Our All Inclusive Packages

Record song: Basic

Recording + Mixing + Mastering
  • 1 Song
  • 120 min (2 hours) recording time
  • +/- 30 min buffer time free of charge (as required)
  • Recording vocals on a Beat/Instrumental
  • Tips & advice from professional sound engineers
  • Effects
  • Professional mixing
  • Professional mastering

Record song: Per

Recording + Mixing + Mastering
  • 2 Songs
  • 240 min (4 hours) recording time
  • +/- 30 min buffer time free of charge (as required)
  • Recording vocals on a beat/instrumental
  • Tips & advice from professional sound engineers
  • Effects
  • Professional mixing
  • Professional mastering

Record song: Ultra

Recording + Mixing + Mastering
  • 3 songs
  • 360 min (6 hours) recording time
  • +/- 30 min buffer time free of charge (as required)
  • Recording vocals on a beat/instrumental
  • Tips & advice from professional sound engineers
  • Effects
  • Professional mixing
  • Professional mastering

You want to record your song? That's it! Recording is the first and most important step in getting a good sound. It is very important to take enough time for this, because mistakes made here can only be corrected later with a lot of time.

Rappers and singers need about 2 hours to record a song. But it depends on the length of the song, the preparation and the experience of the artist. It is very important to come to the recording session fit and rested.

A Pro Tools 12 system with 24 inputs is used for recording. This allows pitch and editing corrections to be made quickly and easily. The recording room has been acoustically optimised to produce high quality microphone recordings with our Neumann U87Ai.

Whether rock, pop, hip-hop or reggae: we are happy to meet the individual requirements of each project. In every recording, the optimal performance of the artist is crucial. Therefore, we aim to create a relaxed and structured working atmosphere so that the artists can develop their full potential.

Our hourly rate is 70€. But so that you can record your song in peace without having to constantly watch the clock, we have put together a few packages.

Record a song - Why with us?

Element 1


Record your own song under the best possible conditions - that is of course possible in our recording studio. Just come by and see for yourself!

Element 2


Experienced, friendly and competent sound engineers accompany you during the creation and production of your song. Of course, we'll give you tips on recording music to get the best out of your song!

Element 3


Neumann, Soundcraft, SSL... We only use high-quality audio equipment in our recording studio. Because that's the only way you can record a good and successful song!


Yes, there is a bus stop right next door (lines 5, 25, 35, 45, 55, 75, 3A, 3B).

Of course you can. We are musicians and have a good network of contacts with the best artists in Aachen. It doesn't matter what instrument you want to record.

Of course you can. We work with all kinds of artists. But there are also many "non-professionals" with musical interests that we work for.

It is always an advantage if you have practised the pieces well and know the lyrics by heart, because only then can you develop a really good flow.

If you are a rap/hip-hop singer and you have the beats of your tracks, all you have to do is bring them on a pendrive.

If you want to mix the vocals yourself, it is sufficient if you bring the beats in mp3 format, as they will only be used as a reference.

If you want to mix the vocals here, bring your beat in .WAV format with the original resolution of the project in which they were created.

If you have any questions, please contact the producer who created the beats or contact us via the contact form.

7 tips to get the most out of your recording session

1. Wear comfortable clothes

It sounds silly, but now you will see that it is not so silly. When you don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable, you can focus on what's really important.

It is also important that the clothes you wear do not make any rubbing noises. These noises can creep into the recording!

Also take off any jewellery that makes noise (bracelets, watches, necklaces, metal belts...). You don't have to leave the house without them. Just take them off shortly before the recording, that's enough!

2. Turn off your phone

You should not only put your mobile phone on silent, but also switch it off. Imagine you're in the middle of a recording that's going really well and suddenly you hear interference or get a call. No one wants that, right?

3. Learn your song by heart

To record a good song, it's best to know it by heart.

Of course, it's not a problem if you can't do it. We have music stands in the studio so you can look at your lyrics while recording the song. But experience shows that the performance is much better if you know the lyrics by heart. That way you can put yourself in the role better and convey the feelings much better.

4. Prepare the song before you record it

It is definitely worth practising the song extensively before recording. It's best to spend 1-2 hours a day 2 days beforehand performing your song as often and as well as possible. Recording a song is not as easy as practising alone at home. You will soon notice that you hear your voice very differently in the studio than at home.

5. Do your warm-up exercises

Don't players warm up before a football match? You should also warm up your voice to get it in the condition you need it, otherwise it probably won't respond the way you need it to.

Here is a good guide to warming up your voice.

6. Move away from the microphone if you want to increase the volume.

If you step away from the microphone at a volume peak, you can avoid having to repeat the take. This is one of those tips for recording a song that a sound engineer would give you.

Remember that the sound engineer has set your voice at a certain volume throughout the song. If you suddenly scream, it is louder than it should be and it can quickly sound distorted.

This can be remedied by moving away from the microphone a little at that moment.

7. Forget that you are in a studio

Yes, it's very difficult, but music is emotion and if you're nervous when you're recording the song and you're thinking about a thousand things at the same time, you're not going to achieve what you really want, which is to transmit those emotions.

Maybe it does you good to close your eyes and imagine that you are in another place, a place where you are safe with your feelings and where it is okay to express them.

Let yourself be carried away by the music.